The Barossa Wine School launched in 2013 by The Barossa Grape & Wine Association (BGWA), is a comprehensive wine education program that enhances students’ understanding of Barossa history, viticulture, winemaking and wine styles. Designed for enthusiastic wine drinkers, wine trade, media and educators.
Level 1: Barossa Enthusiast is a 2 hours course with 6 quality wines from Barossa with an optional exam. It will give you an overview about Barossa and it will tell you what makes Barossa different and its wine styles.

Level 2: Barossa Specialist is an 8 hours course with an optional exam. You will be able to taste 24 wines in this course showing different styles of wines from different grape varieties and event from the Rare & Distinguished category. Detailed information about this region will be covered.

Barossa L1

Level 1- Barossa Enthusiast

Barossa L2

Level 2- Barossa Specialist